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Vote Green! Paradise Greens endorse:
Jill Stein for Governor
Jamie O'Keefe for State Treasurer
Michael Aleo for 1st Hampshire District 

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Paradise City Greens

Northampton, Massachusetts 

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"What Greens can do during the Bush years"
by Sam Smith
in Progressive Review
1. Become the opposition: The Green Party is the true alternative to the dominant political paradigm... It is not a third party but the second approach. It is not a minor party but the first major political idea that has come along since the social welfare state. ...


Grassroots Committee on Grass and Roots is seeking nominees for a Green Ribbon for pesticide free landscaping. 
Businesses and residents who are committed to 
zero pesticide use are eligible. 
Send nominees to <[email protected]
or POB 211 N'hamp, MA 01061 
by Aug 1. , 2002


Paradise City Greens invite you to take a science and nature walk with David Burns
 Saturday, July 20, 9 AM
Starting at the bike path behind Florence Savings Bank and walking to Look Park. No dogs, please.


Visit the Mass Voters for Clean Elections
web site, www.massvoters.org


Oppose war and wartime economics: Contact the President of the United States and Massachusetts Senators and Western Mass, Congressional delegation


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Next Meeting Sunday, June 30, Ross Bros. building Florence, 6:30 - 7:30 PM.. Agenda theme: How to promote Green values beyond the electoral campaigns... bring proposals for synergy, uplift, excercise, and release.           For more info or directions:
call Paki 584-8404  or Jim Bosman  586-7080. 

Support is needed  for G-RP candidates for statewide office on the ballot.  Three candidates have qualified for the September Primary and the November election. Jill Stein is still seeking Clean Elections money that is being denied due to errors in administering the complex CEL verification by various town clerks.
 James O'Keefe and Tony Lorenzen have campaign events planned.
Contact Shelley Fite 617.628.2922 or Brian Sandberg 617.628.7513 for more info or to volunteer at the Somerville campaign HQ.

Massachusetts Green Party has agreed to change it's name to Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts.  the change will be implemented after the November elections.

          Michael Aleo Wins!                     (5 of 14 precincts in Northampton)...and the campaign for the 1st Hampshire District Representative begins again!.  Campaign for Michael Aleo is in full swing...  contact Michael 586.1334 or email ... Yard signs, stickers and more available

More Green candidates!

Conflict and Consensus a note from a MassGreen organizer.

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What is the Green Party?

Ecology • Grassroots Democracy • Social Justice • Nonviolence

The Green Party IS about the environment and Ecological Wisdom. It is ALSO an alternative political party whose main focus is the formation of a sustainable, non-violent way for humans to live on this planet. And it's more than just a political party. Aside from running candidates for office, our activities include:

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